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If you are looking for Pilates in Downtown Calgary, chances are, that you are looking for a customized workout that focuses on you and your specific needs.

Clinical Pilates from the Wellness Team at National Spine Care is the way to get that one-on-one care you are looking for with our trained Pilates instructor.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a movement system originally created by Joseph Pilates that integrates six principles of concentration, control, centering, precision, flow and breathing. It is normally taught using a combination of mat exercises and exercises on specialized equipment. These classes can be taught in a group setting or as a one on one with a certified Pilates instructor.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates an adaption of traditional Pilates exercises and theory that specifically focus on rehabilitation goals that is taught in our studio by a physiotherapist. These exercises are taught as a part of a treatment plan that is designed for your injuries, pain, and movement concerns.

What can I expect from a clinical Pilates session?

A Clinical Pilates session will always start with a thorough assessment performed by our physiotherapist. This will include movement analysis, range of motion and strength testing, and special tests to help diagnose your injury and movement dysfunction. A treatment plan will be designed that will include exercises that will be done in our movement studio and an at home program that will progress what we do in the studio. These sessions are always one on one. After your assessment, each session will begin with a brief re-assessment, hands on treatment as needed, then exercises on the equipment in the movement studio.

Do I need to have Pilates experience?

No! These treatments, just as traditional physiotherapy visits are designed for all ages, injuries, exercise ability and fitness level. It is designed to help every body move and feel better.

Common Conditions and Injuries that Clinical Pilates Addresses

At National Spine Care, we know that Clinical Pilates can help with the following:

  • Chronic Pain Issues (including hip, back, and chronic pelvic pain)
  • Shoulder Injuries or Shoulder Rehab
  • Whiplash Injuries
  • Pelvic Health Issues
  • Pelvic floor issues for New Mothers
  • Helps prevent or deal with injuries including knee injuries
  • Postural Issues (issues from prolonged desk work or sitting)

What Are the Benefits of Clinical Pilates?

  • More body control and awareness
  • Strengthen and prevent injury
  • Increased Core Controls, including balance and mobility
  • Greater Self Confidence
  • Can be effective for pain management
  • Reduces pain

Can I bill Clinical Pilates through my physiotherapy insurance?

Yes, Clinical Pilates is a rehabilitation program taught by a specially-trained physiotherapist. Depending on your health insurance plan, it can be covered as physiotherapy treatment because these exercises are taught as a part of a treatment plan that is designed for your injuries, pain, and movement concerns.

What should I wear?

Its best to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. You will be asked to wear socks in the studio.

What type of equipment do you have?

We have a large open movement studio equipped with a reformer and tower combination and a stability chair designed for rehab clients.

Do you have any questions about Clinical Pilates?
Please contact National Spine Care for more information

Maintenance and Prevention

The care you receive at National Spine Care goes beyond just treating your ailment. Our goal is to have our clients maintain the results of their treatment and learn how to prevent injury in the future. We work with you to develop a plan that helps transition our patients from active therapy to an injury prevention and maintenance plan.

National Spine Care's 3 Step Treatment Plan

Chiropractic care involves the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the muscle’s bones and joints, especially the spine. Your first visit to National Spine Care is dedicated to learning about the history of your pain and how it impacts your daily life.

The information we gather during your initial assessment is used to create a 3-step treatment plan.

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