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Which Back Pain Exercises are most effective for relieving back pain?

Back Pain exercise classNew Research About Back Pain Exercises

Hey everyone, there is a newsflash out of Australia that exercise and movement may be good for you! I know right? Well, these researchers drilled down and figured out which type of exercise might be best for relieving your back pain.

In no particular order, they found Pilates, Aerobic exercise, movement control/stabilization and resistance exercises were all found to reduce pain.

Back pain is hard to research. I’ll geek out for a minute to explain why. The Gold Standard for determining if a treatment is effective is typically a research methodology called the Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). This means that a treatment is compared to a control group, which is a group of similar people that don’t receive the treatment. The idea is to compare the two groups to see if the treatment helped more than the group that didn’t receive the treatment. This all sounds great, however the problem is that back pain affects almost everyone and everyone is different. This means that it is virtually impossible to have a proper control group. Go figure, we’re not all built equal…

Leave it to the Aussie’s to build a better research mousetrap. Must have something to do with the water spinning the opposite way in the bowl compared to here in Calgary ;-).

These researchers came up with a new and improved method of studying the problem and they seem to be on to something. While their evidence isn’t as strong as we would like it to be conclusive, I think it is safe to say that proper movement and activity is good for you. It can relieve your pain and help you regain your health and vitality (insert rainbow/unicorn emoticon here)!

So where do you start?

If you are hurting, it can be stressful to think about randomly going out and joining an exercise class. You may be fearful that trying to get going again without knowing what to do risks re-injury and flare-up of your back pain. Well-meaning personal trainers or instructors may not be familiar with back pain and may get you doing some things that aren’t awesome for your back.  Then there is the shame aspect. Going to a gym or class can also be intimidating because there may be other people there who are in better shape or able to move/exercise at a higher level than you. Well, we’ve got your back on this (pun intended).

Spine Boot Camp (SBC) is back and is new and improved!

SBC was an overwhelming success to put you back in charge of how much pain you are in and how healthy and vital you feel every day. You loved the fact it wasn’t just an exercise program. Feedback was that the exercise program was great but a big unique piece was the knowledge you gained to understand how your back works and things you are doing every day that keep the fire burning. We’re entering into our fourth year of running SBC and the results are showing an average reduction of back pain of 40% within a very short time. But it wasn’t all positive…

The consistent feedback we received from people going through the program was that once they finished the course, they wanted some ongoing resources to support them as they progressed their activity. We heard you so SBC 2020 classes are going to be drop-in style and supervised by our specially-trained chiropractors, physiotherapists and personal trainers.  2020 means New Decade, New approach!

How does it work?

Classes are running every week to make it convenient for you. Contact us and we’ll let you know dates and times and cost. We are keeping class sizes small to ensure you get individualized attention. That attention and supervision by our experts mean’s you don’t have to be fearful that you’re going to be asked to do a movement or exercise that will injure you. We work closely with you so you understand how to move properly to avoid further injury. You will gain the knowledge and tools to regain control over how much pain you are in and how healthy and vital you feel every day.

Because they are Drop-in style format, there is no long-term commitment necessary. You can test drive a session or two and see if it is right for you. If the Aussie’s are saying it is a good idea, who are we to argue?

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