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The #1 Reason Your Mid-Back Hurts (and How To Fix It)!

THoracic Park

Describe the thoracic spine and rib cage: Brief anatomy lesson as well as reminder of the joint-by-joint approach and how the T/S contributes to back pain.

Spine Boot Camp

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Probably need a sexier title but the idea is to introduce the concept of Janda’s muscle imbalance that creates the postural strain. It isn’t just laziness – it is our CNS’s response to stress and strain. Maybe review the video I did way back to see how my explanation is. Do I need to reshoot the video?

The Fix

Step 1: Stretch the tight stuff: UFT’s, SCM’s

Step 2: Strengthen the weak stuff: DNF’s, Lower scap stab

T/S mobility routine: Video captures/snippets from Eva and Katie’s Back workshop. Links to my T/S Mobility routines?


  • Poor posture isn’t just because of lazziness.
  • Muscle imbalance that set up over time in reaction to repetitive stress as well as pain
  • Janda’ characteristic muscle imbalance
  • The secret sauce: Stretch the tight stuff first, strengthen the weak stuff next

Gord's awesome video

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