Why Does Computer Posture Cause Back Pain?

Working from home means long hours sitting on the computer. All that sitting adds up to a lot of stress and strain on the back. That pain you are experiencing may not mean there is big damage happening though. For most of us, it means that your low back is sending signals that it just needs to move.

Tech Neck

The Fix

Try these three things to relieve your pain. Think of this as a micro-break.

It takes less than two minutes and, if done every hour, will go a long way to relieving your pain without messing up your workflow.

Every hour, push your chair back and stand up in front of your desk.

Now do these three things in order…

Step One: Cat-Cow

  1. Place your hands on the desk
  2. Arch your back and look up to the ceiling
  3. Round your back and look down towards the desk or floor
  4. Gently cycle between steps two and three, four to five times

Do not force the end-ranges. This is meant to lubricate the joints of your spine so just enjoy exploring the movement.

You can also do the cat-camel movements on the floor on all fours. This is great if you are working from home. Maybe not-so-much if you’re in an office setting 😉

Step Two: Bruegger Relief Position

  1. Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor and arms comfortably at your side
  2. Roll your shoulders back by pulling your shoulder blades together and extending your chest out. You may also gently extend your neck and look up at the ceiling
  3. Hold this position for two to three breaths and return to neutral

Repeat for three to four times.

Step Three: McGill's Overhead Reach

You can do this one either seated or standing.

  1. Reach overhead with both hands while looking up at the ceiling
  2. Extend one arm higher by reaching it towards the ceiling
  3. Reverse this by extending the arm higher towards the ceiling

Repeat steps one and two eight to ten times.

Step Four: Get Back To Work


Here is the routine

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