Stretch Your Butt, Save Your Life!

Want to relieve your back, buttock and hip pain?

Do you have a few minutes in a day?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, here’s what to do. Remember, small things done every day equal huge health wins!

Da Rules

Always hold the stretch position for 20 – 30 seconds. You should feel a nice, gentle stretch without pain. If you have pain, stop!

Warning: If you feel like the backs of your legs are always tight, then it may be tension on your sciatic nerve causing this rather than a tight muscle. If that is the case, you don’t want to be doing this stretch.

If you are worried this may be the reason your stretching isn’t helping, contact us and we’ll help you determine what is wrong and what should be done to fix it.

This seated method has five different positions. Each one adds a progressive amount of stretch. Steps four and five also create the stretch to involve the rest of the back and neck. This also requires our nervous system to be flexible and mobile so be mindful as you progress into stages four and five, that you aren’t experiencing any pain, numbness or tingling (pins and needles).

Begin by trying Steps one through three. Make sure you hold the stretch position for 20-30 seconds before switching legs.

Step One

Sit in a chair with your back supported and a stool or something similar in front of you as shown in the picture. Stretches to relieve back pain

Step Two

Extend one leg onto the stool in front of you with your toes pointed. Stretches to relieve back pain

Step Three

Slowly and gently bend your ankle, bringing your toes towards your shin until you feel a nice, gentle stretch in the back of your leg. Stretches to relieve back pain

Advanced Routine

For you keeners, if you want an additional stretch, instead of just repeating steps one through three, on your second time through, you can go to step four after you have held step three for 30 seconds.

Warning: These are huge stretches that require a mobile nervous system. Watch out for pain, numbness or tingling. If you feel any of those symptoms, STOP! That means these stretches are too aggressive and you need to back off.

Step Four

After you have held Step Three for 20-30 seconds, you can increase the amount of stretch you feel in the back of your leg by flexing your neck, bringing your chin towards your chest. Again, only go as far as when you feel a nice, gentle stretch. Hold this new position for 20-30 seconds and then switch legs. Stretches for back pain

Wait, There’s More! – Step Five

For you super-keeners, you can increase the stretch further after you have held position four for thirty seconds, move to position five, which involves allowing your back to round (slump).

Stretches for back pain

Make sure to contact us if you are having any pain or need some clarification on this health tip.

Love how stretching makes you feel? Grab a free copy of our Full Stretch Routine.

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